by Felton Offard

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released May 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Felton Offard Chicago, Illinois

Felton Offard is a Chicago based guitarist/composer/producer and educator. He is a versatile artist who has worked with Barry Manilow, Peabo Bryson and James Moody He has toured in several Broadway shows including Oprah Winfrey’s Presents: The Color Purple, Come Fly Away and Jersey Boys and is a fixture in Chicago pit orchestras. Offard has written for numerous tv shows. NewCD-Incvincible in May ... more

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Track Name: Bring You Praise
Let the words of my mouth bring you praise (repeat)
Let the words that I speak and the thoughts that I think bring glory not shame unto your name.
Speak to me. Work in me. Forgive me for my sins. Breathe in me. Love through me. Let them see Christ in me.
Track Name: Invincible
You blow my mind with things you do. You blow my mind, it's ture.
You blow my mind with your sweet love. You blow my mind, it's true.
When you are standing by my side there's nothing I can't do. You make me stronger than the test, I am invincible (repeat)
Track Name: Always Love
You make my world come to life, you make me smile. And when I think about what you mean to me, you are always sunshine. Always Love.
Track Name: Reciprocity
As you sow, so shall you reap, that is reciprocity. When you sow, sow a good seed cause there's reciprocity.
Sow your seed and watch God work. You give your little bit and God does miraculous. When you give God your best, you can expect more than reciprocity (repeat).

If you want, if you need, you wanna see a miracle just believe in Him. Keep your faith in Him, There's a promise that he's always gonna keep. He'll never leave you or forsake you.
Track Name: Higher Law
There is a higher law than what we're acting on. There's mercy, there's grace and there's love. The Lord has so much more than what we're asking for, there's mercy, there's grace and there's love.
Track Name: Send Agape Love
Send agape love, love, love. Send agape love all across the world. (repeat)
In a world only looking out for itself, what if we had a hand of love to express to someone else.
When you know, know of someone out there in need, why not take from what He's blessed you with and sow a seed of love..yeah.

repeat chorus.

Open up your heart, consider for a moment what He's done for you. It shouldn't be too hard after all He's brought you through.
He gives you more and goes beyond so take a lesson from this song, reflect His image onto everyone.
So why not ( why forgive and forget)? Instead of holding onto (heartache you'll one day regret). It's so much easier to (love and let go) keep it unconditional, cause that it what He asks of all of us so..
Send agape love, love, love. Send agape love all across the world. (repeat)
Track Name: A Clean Heart
Create in me a clean heart (repeat).
That I might not sin against thee.
Track Name: Suenos (Sway Tonight)
Baby come get me, let's sway tonight. Sway tonight.
Honey you got me, let's sway tonight. We'll do it right.
Suenos. Suenos. Suenos. Suenos. Dream
Track Name: I Won't Complain
I won't complain. He has been so good to me.
Track Name: I Love You Mama
Verse 1
I remember like yesterday. You would take me by the hand and say “Baby be careful when crossing the street make sure you look both ways”.
Movin’ on to my first heartbreak when he said he had to go away. “There’ s other fish in the sea please believe me you will love again”.

Pre chrorus
Now that I am older and I’m finding things out on my own. I realize your sacrifice so I had to pick up the phone and tell you that…
Mama, God never made a greater gift than mama. It’s true. There’s no greater love, she’s sent from above. She’s God’s blessing for you. Mama it sounds so simple but true there’ll never be another you. So I had to call and say just how I feel, I love you momma.

Verse 2
Dear mama how you feel today ? I know sometimes you have those aches and pains. “Mama’s all right baby these things come with time and I can handle it”.
Oh mama I just wanna say. Wish that I could take the pain away. “Baby don’t fret cause God ain’t through with me yet. I still got work to do”.

Pre chorus
Bridge: Though the years they take the toll. Your love is always warm. You help me carry on. When I’m weak you are strong……